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What’s In Your Pre-Workout Products

Looking to get a little extra boost in your workout routine? If so, look no further than to a quality pre-workout supplement. There are many different supplements now on the market you can use to help fuel your workout sessions and see superior results.

Depending on the pre-workout you choose, it can help you improve your energy levels, enhance mental focus and drive, boost muscular endurance, as well as help to increase your resting metabolic rate for superior fat loss results.

All in all, they’re very powerful products. As not all pre-workout supplements are alike, it’s helpful to know what each ingredient does so that you can choose the right blend for your goals.

Let’s go over what you should know.



Perhaps the most commonly used ingredient in pre-workout formula’s is caffeine. Most people know caffeine for the energy boosting benefits it provides, but this isn’t all the ingredient has to offer.

Caffeine is also an excellent way to improve mental focus and drive, to reduce the onset of fatigue, and to enhance total body fat oxidation rates. By adding caffeine to the pre-workout supplement, you’ll turn it into a potential fat burner as well.

Just one note – as caffeine does stimulate your central nervous system, you’ll want to watch how much you consume to avoid issues with sleep and/or burnout. Also aim to take any pre-workout supplements containing caffeine at least six hours prior to bedtime.



Next on the list is beta-alanine. This is the ‘tingly’ ingredient in pre-workout supplements that you’ll feel about 30 or so minutes after you take it. Note though, these tingles you experience are perfectly safe and will subside as time passes and your body adapts to the supplement.

By including beta-alanine in your pre-workout supplement, you’ll boost the total amount of work you’re able to perform before fatigue sets in. This means more volume per workout session, which can then mean more progress is seen.



Creatine is another ingredient you may find wrapped up into your pre-workout supplement mix. Some people mistakenly believe creatine on its own will cause weight gain. This isn’t the case. While users may experience some temporary initial water weight gain when first using it, how creatine works is by allowing you to perform more total work per workout session. Similar to beta alanine, it’s this extra work you perform that then means increased muscle mass and strength.

Creatine works by ensuring you are able to readily generate ATP, which is the source of energy for intense muscular contractions.



L-Arginine is one of the key ingredients you’ll find in ‘pump’ products, as they’re often called, designed to enhance the degree of muscular pumps you experience during your workout session.

L-Arginine is going to work by causing a vasodilation of the blood vessels in the body, allowing more blood, oxygen, and nutrients get to the working muscle tissues.

As this happens, you delay fatigue, improve recovery, and can also boost your performance. Not to mention, you’ll like the sight of yourself in the gym. You’ll gain great muscle size when using these pump-type of pre-workout supplements, even if that pump is just temporary.

Most people will note faster recovery when including this ingredient in the mix due to the fact you get that enhanced level of nutrition to the torn muscle tissues.





Want more focus during your workout session? If so, taurine is the ingredient to look for. This amino acid is the precursor for norepinephrine, which improves cognitive processing, motivation and drive levels.

Those who use this amino acid prior to their workout session typically have greater ‘push’ so to speak in their workout session, which can help you achieve that PR you’re going for.



Finally, last but not least, you’ll likely see taurine making an appearance into the pre-workout supplement you’re considering. Taurine is one of the amino acids that you can take in naturally through your diet, however it’s one that most people simply aren’t getting enough of.

Taurine can help to boost insulin sensitivity while decreasing the level of oxidative stress. This means less muscle tissue damage occurs, meaning you can bounce back faster between your workout sessions. Couple that with the fact that insulin sensitivity is higher, therefore you’ll replenish muscle glycogen levels faster and you have a powerful formula for recovery.


So there you have a closer peek into the primary pre-workout ingredients. As you shop for your ideal supplement, make sure that you keep these in mind and start reading those labels.