Pro Supps - My Bar - 12x55g Bars

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● Each 55g bar contains 20g protein ● Gluten-free & void of hydrogenated vegetable oils/trans fats ● Available in a range of delectable flavours What is Pro Supps My Bar? Protein...


● Each 55g bar contains 20g protein
● Gluten-free & void of hydrogenated vegetable oils/trans fats
● Available in a range of delectable flavours

What is Pro Supps My Bar?

Protein bars offer a convenient solution to a busy lifestyle, aiding muscle development when you’re on the move. My Bar from Pro Supps was created to reinvent the concept of protein bars; traditionally, these were nothing more than poorly disguised confectionary. Instead, My Bar features carefully selected, quality ingredients to help you stay on track of your fitness targets.

Pro Supps deliver an innovative brand of sports nutrition products, designed to enhance your training performance and recovery. Backed with in-depth, scientific research, the range offers something for all levels of athleticism – from beginners to professionals. Each 55g My Bar provides 20g of muscle-building protein, sourced from a superior blend of whey isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate. Combined, these have an ultra-rapid absorption rate and high biological value (BV) to assist muscle growth and repair. My Bar also provides 17g of carbohydrates as a form of energy, and to help sustain muscle glycogen.

With a scrumptious taste and crunchy texture, you’ll be happy to learn that My Bar was crafted with gluten-free components. It’s also void of hydrogenated vegetable oils/trans fats that reportedly, can harm our health; thus, it’s the perfect snack choice around your training. It also makes for grab-and-go breakfast, or a well-earned treat at any time of day!

What makes its formula special?

● Whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate offer unrivalled support to muscle growth/repair
● With 17g of carbs to help fuel workouts and restore muscle glycogen
● Offers a cleaner nutritional profile, compared with the competition
● Has a superb, crispy texture
● Multi-packs allow you to plan your snacks in advance

How can Pro Supps My Bar help me reach my goals?

Honing your ideal physique and opting to lead a healthy, active lifestyle requires commitment. It’s not always viable to prep every meal, shake or snack from scratch; this is where My Bar can lend a helping hand. It features whey protein concentrate and its other derivatives – isolate and hydrolysate – which are rich in all essential amino acids to assist muscle recovery.

My Bar is a nutritionally balanced, satisfying bite that’s portable, so there’s no fuss – just maximum flavour and the potential for success!

Whether you’re en route to (or from) the gym, track or field, My Bar is staple addition to your regime.

Who is Pro Supps My Bar suitable for?

● All types of active individuals, looking for a quality, protein-based snack/treat
● Men and women leading a hectic lifestyle

Additional Information

Confeti cake, Cookie dough crunch, Ice cream cookie crunch, Iced cinnamon crunch, Peanut butter crunch, Salted carmel peanut crunch

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